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The challenge of understanding biological systems at the molecular and systems level as well as the integration of computational and experimental approaches for bridging basic and clinical cancer research is what motivates our vibrant research group. Our scientific interests and research efforts are in the areas of Computational Cancer Biology and Pharmacogenetics, Computational Genomics and Pharmacology, Translational Bioinformatics and Computational Medicine with the focus on the development and integration of computational and experimental approaches for (a) system-based analysis of evolutionary, genetic, molecular and clinical signatures associated with human disease; (b) modeling of complex phenotypes and prediction of cancer biomarkers; (c) design and discovery of targeted and personalized cancer therapeutics and development of expert systems for personalized medicine; (d) integration of computational biology and translational informaticswith chemical biology and chemical genomics in translational cancer research; (e) enabling information-driven biomedical research on the “bench to bedside” path.


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Feature Publications

Allosteric Mechanisms of BRAF Kinases Regulation and Combating Drug Resistance of Kinase Inhibitors: A Synergistic Perspective from Computational Systems Biology and Biophysical Studies.

Design, synthesis and evaluation of dasatinib-derived protein-tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

Computational modeling of Hsp90 molecular chaperone structure, dynamics and function: a synergistic perspective from biophysical simulations and systems biology analysis.

Capturing Differential Sensitivity of Protein Kinases to Drug Binding and Mutations via Modeling of the Residue Interaction Networks and Allosteric Communication Pathways.

Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Structural Network Analysis of c-Abl and c-Src Kinase Core Proteins: Capturing Allosteric Mechanisms and Communication Pathways from Residue Centrality.

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