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Cell Stress Society International

Heat Shock Protein Gene Table
Includes links to Entrez & SwissProt entries, and related products

Tutorial: Heat Shock Proteins and the Stress Response
The Hsp basics in a 45 minute narrated slide show

Heat Shock Research Portal
Articles, jobs, lab registry, news, forum - updated daily

Heat shock protein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Heat shock proteins (HSPs) are a group of proteins whose expression is increased when the cells are exposed to elevated temperatures or other stress...

Chaperone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chaperones are proteins that assist the non-covalent folding/unfolding and the assembly/disassembly of other macromolecular structures,...

Cell Stress links
Web links to additional cell stress resources sponsored by Cell Stress Society International.

Molecular Chaperone Club
Club website that focuses on annual meeting held in Warwich, Oxford, Cambridge, and other UK cities; publications; scientific membership.

Hsp90 website
A web site for the community of scientists interested in the Hsp90 molecular chaperone machine.

Picard laboratory
Features a table of interactions for Hsp90 and related molecules.

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