Chapman University

Kristalee Lio


Kristalee is a senior at Chapman University working towards a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a minor in Computational Science. Upon completion she will enter the Computational and Data Sciences Master's program to ground her research in theory. Kristalee joined Chapman's Computational Biology Research Group in February 2016. Since then, her contributions to the group involve the development and application of structural bioinformatics analysis of protein kinase crystal structures. In addition, she performs ligand docking simulations and network-based modeling of protein kinase complexes with drugs of interest to understand molecular basis of activation, specificity, and affinity. Her current project is to computationally synthesize a lead compound to counteract BRAF-monomer-vemurafenib-resistance by targeting BRAF dimer inhibition through characterization of structural thermodynamics and functional features of oncogenic BRAF with drugs of interest. Kristalee plans to use her knowledge and experience to extract meaningful data from patient datasets used to detail effective treatment models which can be used to inform physicians decisions for prescribing precision medicine and reduce cost of patient out-of-pocket expenses, in hopes of increasing quality of life. Additionally, she wants to continue to model structure activity relationships of cancer pharmacophore and drug resistance mechanisms. Interests include spending the day in nature, watching TedTalks, going on Netflix binges, and socio-political activism.


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