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Steve Agajanian

I am currently a senior computer science major at Chapman University. Enrolled in the university's integrated master's program, I am also currently working on my masters degree and will complete it in the spring of 2017. After completing my masters degree I plan to apply to PhD programs, as I want to further my knowledge of computer science, particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I am very passionate about computer science and have devoted some of my free time to tutoring other students in various computer science classes. It has been extremely rewarding attempting to infect others with the interest I have for this area of study. I believe that my two years doing research in the field of bioinformatics have taught me how to apply my computer science knowledge to other fields of study and have broadened my horizons and made me a more versatile and therefore useful computer scientist. The summer after I left Carleton College for Chapman I had an internship at Hewlett Packard in Houston, Texas where I worked on a graphical user interface that managed and provided information about the various servers that HP offers. I believe this gave me a glimpse of the bigger picture of computer science, and solidified my decision to explore the field as much as possible.

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